• IBM ThinkStation P700 Workstation
  • IBM ThinkStation P700 Workstation
  • IBM ThinkStation P700 Workstation

IBM ThinkStation P700 Workstation

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Overview of the Lenovo ThinkStation P700

The Lenovo IBM ThinkStation P700 Workstation marks the upper-middle ground of Lenovo’s line of hard-hitting workstations, designed to offer solid performance in the most versatile and expandable framework for the money.

The case is thankfully robust, clean, simple and black with red accents. Convenient access connection are duplicated up front, including headphone, card reader, DVD drive, and (four) USB ports. The unit has convenient carry handles fore and on top. The side panel is engaged and disengaged by a very user-friendly and strong steel lever, which includes a keyed lock. Everything internal is modular and tool-less.

The Xeon E5-2640v3 CPU in the review unit is an 8-core (2x thread) processor and is ranked in the top six percent of the high performing processors (by Passmark). The P700 will handle NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards that can support up to four independent displays as well as connecting 16 independent monitors with 1.2 stream cloning mode.





Product Form Factor



Intel Xeon E5-2609V3 / 1.9 GHz

Chipset Type

Intel C612

Processor Socket

LGA2011-v3 Socket

Memory Speed

1600 MHz

RAM Supported

384 GB registered – ECC
768 GB Load-Reduced – ECC

Rated Memory Speed

2133 MHz

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