• MBE-314E-420D (4x PWS)

MBE-314E-420D (4x PWS)

Mã sản phẩm : MBE-314E-420D (4x PWS)
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Space Optimization
Housed within a 19″ industry-standard rack, MicroBlade MBE-314E-420D (4x PWS) servers reduce server footprint in the data center. Power, cooling and networking devices are aggregated in the rear of the chassis which optimizes the required amount of space.
Up to 28 Blade (112 nodes) can be installed in a 6U chassis. Compared to the 20U of rack space that twenty 1U servers would normally require as individual servers, the MBE-314E-420D (4x PWS) MicroBlade provides more than 50% density savings with 6272 Avoton cores per 42U rack.

Server Blade
  • Up to 14 hot-swap server blades
Node Support
  • Intel® based server blades
  • Power LED, Fault LED
GbE Switch / Pass-Through Module
  • Up to 2 hot-swap MBM-GEM-001, MBM-GEM-004, MBM-XEM-001, or MBM-XEM-002 switches
Management Module
  • 1 hot-swap Chassis Management Module (CMM) providing remote KVM and IPMI 2.0 functionalities
Power Supplies
  • 4 hot-swap high-efficiency 2000W, N+1 or N+N redundant DC power supplies
Cooling Design
  • 4 cooling fans
Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • 5.215″ x 17.67″ x 36.10″ (132.5mm x 449mm x 917mm)

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