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Tape Backup Media Dell

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Reliable, Affordable Data Protection

Dell tape media is a highly reliable, competitively priced solution designed to keep your mission-critical data safe. In conjunction with the PowerVault family of tape backup devices, Dell tape backup media delivers a total backup solution.

You can purchase media at the same time you purchase your PowerVault tape backup solutions, or you can purchase it at any time by visiting www.dell.com/tapebackup
Compatibility You Can Trust

The introduction of Dell media delivers a new level of customer support and underscores Dell’s commitment to the tape storage market. Dell tape media is certified, tested and recommended to work on PowerVault tape backup products and is backed by Dell technical service and support with a one-year limited warranty.1 You can rely on Dell’s proven leadership and quality to help ensure your data is protected and accessible.

High Quality Media Cartridges

Tape backup media is available in several different tape technologies. Dell offers the following five media types under the Dell brand: Travan40, DDS4, DLTtape™ IV, SDLT and LTO™ (Linear Tape Open™ ).

Travan40 media offers the capacity and performance tape backup technology that the entry-level server market requires, with data cartridge capacity of 20GB (native) and a maximum transfer rate of 2MB/s (native). Based on IDE technology, Travan media offers an affordable backup solution that helps meet the data protection needs of IT in small-to-medium businesses. DDS4 is a familiar, widespread SCSI-based backup technology. With capacity of up to 20GB2 , these easy to handle compact cartridges provide cost-efficient backup and long-term archiving.

With native capacity up to 40GB, DLTtape IV cartridges are the backup media of choice for customers that require high availability and high capacity at an affordable price. DLTtape IV cartridges are designed specifically to be compatible with previous and future generations of DLT technology, including DLT7000, DLT8000, DLT1 and DLTVS80.

SDLT media delivers up to 160GB of native storage capacity, with a backup rate of 16MB/s native with SDLT 320 tape drives. SDLT is ideal for customers with a large DLT investment, featuring backwards compatibility with previous generations of DLT technology.

LTO combines the advantages of linear multi-channel, bi-directional formats with enhancements in servo technology, data compression, track layout and error correction code that are designed to maximize capacity, performance and reliability. The longevity of LTO tape helps protect customer investment and increase reliability.

High quality Dell tape backup media, recommended with Dell PowerVault tape backup solutions, help keep your important information safe.

Tape Backup Media

Dell(TM) Media Tape Cartridge for LTO6 (1 Year Warranty)

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