• Dell Compellent FS8600
  • Dell Compellent FS8600

Dell Compellent FS8600

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Optimized platform for high speed, low TCO

With the Dell Fluid File System version 6 (FluidFS v6), the enterprise-class Dell Compellent FS8600 is one of the most competitive price-per-performance scale-out NAS solutions available, cost-effectively delivering high file operations per second (OPS). This efficient combination works together to scale performance and capacity, achieving:

  • Linear performance expansion reaching 494,000 file opens with SPEC SFS 2008 and 11.9 GB/sec max throughput*
  • Improved performance through mirrored cache and automated load balancing, even as you add more data
  • Up to four FS8600 NAS appliances and eight SC series storage arrays in a single scale-out storage solution

    Flexible architecture for multiple workloads

    Dell Compellent FS8600 Scale up or scale out to accommodate a variety of use cases, whether high-performance, high-capacity or both:

    • Enterprise file sharing: Consolidate shares on a single unified storage solution with data protection and governance features.
    • Video surveillance: Combine scale-out architecture with high-density Dell storage arrays for a cost-effective, density-optimized Fluid File Video solution.
    • Online archival storage: Economize storage costs by moving old files to lower-cost archive storage with Fluid File Archive solution.
    • Media and entertainment: Enable post-production and visual effects rendering workflows with high-performance scale-out NAS storage.
    • Healthcare and life sciences: Provide medical imaging and life sciences with PACS-application-certified unified NAS storage.

Primary power supply
2 PSUs per appliance

Backup power supply

1 battery per controller, 2 batteries per appliance

Input voltage

90-264 VAC

Output wattage


Heat dissipation

2446 BTU/hr

Line frequency

47-63 Hz


10.5Amp at 90 VAC steady state, 5.2Amp at 180 VAC steady state

Form factor



8.64 cm (3.4 in)


48GB DDR3 1066 MHz per controller (96GB per appliance)

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