• Dell PowerVault TL4000
  • Dell PowerVault TL4000

Dell PowerVault TL4000

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Automated Data Protection

Regular, disciplined backup is a vital part of a complete disaster recovery strategy. The Dell PowerVault TL4000 is a powerful tape library that helps organizations automate their backup processes to reduce the need for manual intervention and the risk of human error. The PowerVault TL4000 uses optical cartridge location technology for precision cartridge handling and inventory, which helps improve the overall reliability of backups.

Support for Your Dell iSCSI SAN

To supplement the growth in Internet SCSI (iSCSI) storage area networks (SANs), Dell employs an iSCSI-to-SAS bridge card for the TL-series tape libraries (Dell™ PowerVault TL2000 and TL4000).

Simplified Operations

Dell PowerVault TL4000 can be imported and exported individually using the mail slot or twelve at a time using one of four magazines. The library utilizes barcode-scanning technology to record the location of tape media, so you can be assured that your critical data is properly stored and ready in case disaster strikes.

Bar Code Reader


Code Updates

Web and either host bus or RMU for drives
Web and RMU only for library code update

Server Compatibility

Dell and x86 IBM and HP Servers
Support for NX4 and other NDMP products



Drive Interface


Supported Tape Drive Technologies

LTO-3-060, LTO-3, LTO-4-120, LTO-5-140


4U form factor
Rack Mount 7.29″ (185.2 mm)


Rack mount standard


50° to 95°F, 10° to 35°C

Electrical Power

1.3 amps at 100V ac, 0.7 amps at 240V ac

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