• Flex System Blades x440 Compute Node
  • Flex System Blades x440 Compute Node
  • Flex System Blades x440 Compute Node
  • Flex System Blades x440 Compute Node

Flex System Blades x440 Compute Node

Mã sản phẩm : Flex System Blades x440 Compute Node
Bảo Hành : 36 tháng
Xuất xứ :
Tình trạng : Hàng mới 100%
Giá sản phẩm : Liên hệ
(Giá trên chưa bao gồm thuế VAT)
Tặng kèm phụ kiện.
Số lượng mua
Đánh giá sao Chia sẻ
4/4, Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 v2 series
Level 2 (L2) Cache
256 KB per core
Level 3 (L3) Cache
4C – 10 MB, 6C – 15 MB, 8C – 20 MB, 10C – 25 MB, 12C – 30 MB
Intel C600
Form Factor
Flex System double-wide node
48 DDR3/DDR3L LP, 1.5 TB (32 GB LRDIMMs)
Internal Storage
2 x hot-swap 2.5-inch (SAS/SATA/SSD)
Internal RAID
LSI 2004, RAID-0, -1 /Optional ServeRAID M5115/RAID-0, -1, -5, -6, -10, -50
Internal USB
2 x Standard USB Flash Key +1 x Front Access USB Key
Chassis Support
Flex System Enterprise Chassis
I/O Expansion
4 x Mezzanine Cards (x16 + x8 PCI Express 3.0)
Network Interface
1/10 Gb Ethernet, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, iSCSI, 4/8/16 GB Fibre Channel
3 year
iMM V2, RTMM KVM Dongle
Systems Management
Lenovo XClarity delivers a centralized systems management solution that helps administrators deliver infrastructure faster and with less effort.
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows Server, SUSE, RedHat Enterprise Linux, VMware
RAS Features
Chassis redundant/hot-plug power and cooling, Front Panel and FRU/CRU LEDs


  • Designed for large mainstream virtualization, business process and database workloads
  • No compromise scalable and dense four-socket design with available 1.5 TB memory capacity and up to 64 virtual network adapters
  • Strong price performance for larger workloads and simplified deployment and management

Dense Design

To meet today’s ever-changing business demands, the Lenovo Flex System x440 Compute Node is designed for mainstream virtualization, database deployments, and business process memory-intensive environments. The Flex System x440 Compute Node is a price-performance optimized 4-socket compute node equipped with powerful Intel® Xeon® processors.

Many Workloads

The Flex System x440 high-density, four-socket compute node is performance-tuned and features compute, memory and I/O capacity to meet your needs. It’s designed to deliver a combination of performance, built-in capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, featuring automated power management with onboard sensors to give you more control over power and thermal levels across the system.

Simplify Provisioning and Systems Management

Simplify, automate, and modernize Day 1 provisioning and ongoing administrative tasks over the server lifecycle with Lenovo XClarity.