• IBM ThinkStation P300 Tower Workstation
  • IBM ThinkStation P300 Tower Workstation

IBM ThinkStation P300 Tower Workstation

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Lenovo IBM ThinkStation P300 Tower Workstation Overview

The ThinkStation P-series comes in four sections: the P300 line with Haswell based Xeons and up to dual channel memory, the P500 line with Haswell-E Xeons and quad channel memory then the P700 which will offer a dual Haswell-E solution when it becomes available later this year. The IBM ThinkStation P300 Tower Workstation kicks it up a notch by offering a multi-PCIe solution version of the P700 with enhanced IO. The P300 model is aimed at entry level CAD and design, and comes in either a desktop case measuring 6.9” x 16.97” x 16.7” (175mm x 429mm x 424 mm) or a small form factor at 4.0” x 14.8” x 13.3” (12.9l).

One of the goals of ThinkStation is to provide a series of units for end-users and businesses that are ISV certified and offer a series of Xeon and Professional graphics at different price points. The P300 line is aimed at the budget build, competing with the likes of Dell and HP in terms of what is usually the volume sales price points. Sometimes boutique builders like to play in this space, such as Digital Storm, iBuyPower and Puget Systems using off-the-shelf parts for individual needs. Lenovo, Dell and HP on the other hand can custom build a lot under the hood, including the case design, the power supply and the motherboard specifically for the market they are targeting. This can be a double edged sword, such as designing your own motherboard, because the main consumer motherboard manufacturers have a lot of practice in designing function to coincide with user experience.



Product Form Factor



Intel Core i7 (4th Gen) 4790 / 3.6 GHz

Chipset Type

Intel C226

Processor Socket

LGA1150 Socket

Memory Speed

1600 MHz

Interface Type

SATA 6Gb/s


1 TB

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