• NetApp E2700-R6 Config1a
  • NetApp E2700-R6 Config1a

NetApp E2700-R6 Config1a

Mã sản phẩm : NetApp E2700-R6 Config1a
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The NetApp E2700-R6 Config1a provides general-purpose application-driven storage for remote, branch, and midsize organizations. Choose from three shelves—4U/60, 2U/24, and 2U/12—and three forms of connectivity: FC, iSCSI, or SAS. TheNetApp E2700-R6 Config1a integrates with key applications such as VMware®, Exchange, SQL, and Oracle® systems.
With the NetApp E2700-R6 Config1a:

  •     Attain streamlined high performance, with low latency and high bandwidth and IOPS.
  •     Achieve seamless operations with flexible application integration.
  •     Scale capacity as needed to support business growth.
  •     Gain best-in-class performance efficiency for a wide range of database and other transactional applications.
  •     Reduce cost and complexity of high-throughput data management through a configurable architecture that is easy to use and install.
Part Number


Product Description

Product Description




Dsk Drv Filler,DE5600,-C


16GB FC/10GB ISCSI,4-ports,-C


SFPs not included (not bundled). Optional SFPs available as separate items.


10Gb iSCSI/16Gb FC,Unified,E-Series,0E,-C


Includes 2 x Power Cords


Includes: Rail Kit, 2 X 725W AC Power Supplies

Disk Drive


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