• RACK-SRK-42OR-03
  • RACK-SRK-42OR-03


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42U Rack Cabinet – The Most Flexible 42 Rack Solution 

Supermicro’s new RACK-SRK-42OR-03 systems were designed from the ground for ease of installation, maintenance, and scaling. They offer effortless rear access and cabling arrangements for hot-swap-capable servers, such as our Twin and Double-Sided Storage® families. If you’re looking for rack that’s convenient, flexible, reliable, customizable, and compatible, SuperRack® is the ideal choice.

The RACK-SRK-42OR-03 system offers the following advanced features:

Heavy Load Support for High Density Server Solutions
With a certified static/dynamic load support of up to 5500 lbs (2495 kg), SuperRack systems can support a greater load than the average of around 2755 lbs (1250 kg).

Versatility, Flexibility, and Expandability
(see slideshow to the right)

Unlike many of the traditional fixed-size racks available today, SuperRacks can be scaled in any direction to match your configuration, cabling, airflow, and cooling requirements, all without the use of tools. Thus re-configuring your rack can be achieved virtually effortlessly to adapt to your changing IT environment and scale with you.

RACK-SRK-42OR-03 also offer front and rear access hot-plug capability that, when combined with the scalability, will significantly improve your service experience and reduce or eliminate down time.

Convenience Using the “Per U” Design Concept
RACK-SRK-42OR-03 offer a ground-breaking Per-U design concept that greatly simplifies cable management and minimizes integration time, regardless of your cabling and server configuration,

SuperRack Building Blocks
Building block-based design and intuitive installation process lead to reduced overall deployment schedule. These building blocks include 130+ accessories and add-on selections to fit your application and scale with your business.

Compatible, Reliable, and Compliant
RACK-SRK-42OR-03 are compliant with ANSI/EIA RS-310-C/D/E standards and compatible with APC InfraStruXure products.

Using the SuperRack with our complete line of server systems and solutions, you’ll enjoy one-stop shopping for all your IT
hardware needs.

Net Weight:

57.19 kg / 126.25 lbs


Maximum Height:

2000.00 mm / 78.74 in


Maximum Width:

598.00 mm / 23.54 in


Maximun Depth:

1016.00 mm / 40.00 in


Net Depth with Stabilizing Feet:

1016.00 mm / 40.00 in


Shipping Weight:

85.00 kg / 187.39 lbs


Shipping Height:

2165.00 mm / 85.24 in

Shipping Width:

640.00 mm / 25.19 in

Shipping Depth:

1080.00 mm / 42.52 in

Weight Capacity (static load):

1500.00 kg / 3303.96 lbs

Weight Capacity (dynamic load):

1000.00 kg / 2202.64 lbs

Minimum Mounting Depth:

180.00 mm / 7.09 in

Maximum Mounting Depth:

966.00 mm / 38.03 in

Rack Height:




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