• UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance
  • UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance

UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance

Mã sản phẩm : UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance
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The UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance System™ (Cisco UCS®) Invicta C3124SA Appliance (Figure 1) delivers powerful, easy-to-manage application acceleration for dataintensive workloads. With the Cisco UCS Invicta UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance, customers can dynamically manage the mix of performance and efficiency they need to support real-time decision-making that can move their business forward faster. Cisco’s application-centric approach allows customers to quickly and efficiently configure IT infrastructure to support I/O-intensive applications, real-time analytics, and decision-making. Consider the impact on your business if transactions, analysis, batch jobs, desktops, and other important processes consistently perform at maximum speed. The Cisco UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance dramatically improves the performance of many types of workloads, including analytics and intelligence, batch processing, email, online transaction processing (OLTP), video, virtual desktops, database loads, and highperformance computing (HPC)


Cisco Systems

Manuf Part


Network Settings

Displays network configuration information including network interfaces (individual and bonds) and Fibre Channel interfaces.

Support Settings

Contains configuration data including:

  • Host name, mail server and user (SMTP), and time server (NTP).
  • Autosupport (Carbon Copy) CC address (an internal customer address to which copies of Autosupport messages are sent.This field is optional; if no address is input only the Cisco technical support team receives Autosupport messages).
  • The Send from Domain field allows Cisco technical support to identify the source of the Autosupport messages.
  • Proxy URL/IP is the proxy server that the customer uses to direct outgoing requests.
  • Proxy Port is the port number used when sending the outgoing requests.

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