• UCS Invicta Scaling System

UCS Invicta Scaling System

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The UCS Invicta Scaling System application-centric approach, combined with a modular, scalable, high-performance architecture, let you improve performance of many types of workloads:

●   Analytics and intelligence: Extract, integrate, and analyze data up to 10 times faster.

●   Batch processing: Run batches without interrupting other workflow.

●   E-mail: Reduce time delays by a factor of up to 50.

●   Online transaction processing: Remove performance bottlenecks between servers and memory.

●   Video: Complete more transcoding tasks in significantly less time.

●   Virtual desktops: Improve overall user experience with desktops that launch faster and respond quickly while virus scanning.

●   Database loads: Dramatically reduce query response times.

●   High-performance computing (HPC): Leverage low latency IO requests to speed time sensitive applications.

Capacity (TB)

6 to 144 TB RAW


316K IOPs with 2 SSNs and 2 SSRs in 0.5 milliseconds


Up to 7.2 GBps


0.5 milliseconds

Drive protection



24 DIMM slots

16-GB dual-rank 1.35V


Intel Xeon processor E5-2680 v2

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