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Healthcare UX Design: The Future, Challenges and Top Tips

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I’ve been talking a lot about schooling, which is a familiar path to me because it’s the one I took. But I know plenty of designers who have come from other disciplines and have not had formal training; they’ve apprenticed or learned on the job. You can achieve this medical ux design by conducting design sprints, stakeholder interviews, workshops, and maintaining open communication. This helps ensure a shared understanding toward creating a design solution that improves the patient experience while meeting business goals at the same time.

HIPAA and PHIPA are mandated to protect and prevent the misuse of patient’s data. A product should protect the records of the patients as well as allow the users to efficiently accomplish their tasks (should not be over-restrictive). Design-led approach encourages a company culture of collaboration and cross-functional integration.

Design Patterns in Electronic Health Records (EHR) — Guidance for EPR

The stakes are even higher if you work as a UX designer in the healthcare industry. The health-tech sector is among the fastest-growing in the world, with expected revenue of USD 1,305.1 billion in 2030, according to Grand View Research. As a UX designer, you have the opportunity to help define the future of healthcare.

medical ux design

I knew that I excelled in science and math and that I wanted a career where I could help others, but that was about it. I thought being a doctor was the only career that could fulfill these needs because I didn’t know of much else. Admittedly, I was also only going this route because I wanted to appear impressive to others by pursuing such a lucrative career path (silly me).

Enhanced patient experience (PX)

Whether you’re an aspiring designer looking for healthcare UX jobs or just curious about the role of UX design in healthcare, it is important to understand what the term means. Healthcare UX, as the name suggests, is an interdisciplinary concept where both healthcare and design join hands to create products and services that can meet the needs of users. As the number of healthcare products are increasing fast, the competition in the domain is becoming more and more demanding. So how to stand out in the ever-growing row of the same-looking apps? Well, a team of experienced UX designers can help to make your healthcare app a hit. Providing an excellent patient experience is what will differentiate one healthcare system from another.

  • In this article, we introduce the concept of user experience design in healthcare and the aspects a UI/UX designer needs to be aware of.
  • Black is also highly visible and can easily be seen against light, or color-rich backgrounds.
  • Whether you’re an aspiring designer looking for healthcare UX jobs or just curious about the role of UX design in healthcare, it is important to understand what the term means.
  • For example, in the Ukrainian application Helsi, you can get an online consultation with a doctor, sign up for vaccinations, and even order medicine.
  • Modern organizations creating healthcare technologies need to focus on the usability and usefulness of the products and services.
  • Paired with trending medical devices for consumers and care facilities, such a design can elevate the impact of new tools to provide more comprehensive care to patients all over the world.

One of the significant challenges in healthcare UX is the diverse range of users with varying needs and expectations. Healthcare designers often have to prioritize one group over others – doctors, patients, and other stakeholders – and work with the distinct requirements of each group of users. On the other hand, an intuitive user experience can empower patients and significantly improve their lives. Interoperability is an ability of computers and software to exchange information between systems. In medical development, interoperability refers to timely and secure access, integration, and use of electronic health records (EHRs).

My Journey into UX Design

The DTx provides a patient-centric education, support programs, and a holistic management system. Users note the value of information videos and tailored experiences. As UI/UX design professionals, we are excited by the opportunities to collaborate on things with a humane purpose, like healthcare projects. This was the case with the Bold Meditation app, where we started with a UX audit and niche analysis and ended up with a complex product development and launching strategy. Look at other healthcare applications and think about how to make the new product unique. In the healthcare industry, they are used more often than in other applications because nothing should distract the user from the essence.

medical ux design

For example, Prift came to us with pre-existing user research and a solid understanding of what their users’ pains are. They needed to create a design which would be accessible and user-friendly, while satisfying the users’ needs with quite robust functionality. We created several screens and conducted A/B testing to find out what will work best for the audience. In the course of MVP design, Eleken designer offered several improvements to the platform, including adjusting the app according to Prift’s main selling points.

Do I Have To Strive For More In My UX Career?

The Nuffield research states that there are at least 10 years of distance between healthcare and other industries in digitizing their processes. As a design agency, we are twice as happy when we get a chance to work on products with a purpose, such as healthcare projects. Recently we’ve had a couple of projects in this field and we can say it is both an encouraging and challenging experience. Resolute Software has extensive experience in digital transformation in healthcare. Over time, we have worked with a number of global medical organizations among which Fortune 100 companies. However, their impact will only increase as they improve, and continue to provide detailed data about their users’ health and habits.

medical ux design

The more all industries become dependent on mobile applications and software platforms for business, the more critical user experience (UX) design will be in any given practice. The same is true for healthcare, where tech tools are empowering all kinds of new solutions right now. Most digital healthcare solutions rely on unique software, which often translates into products with high demand and no competition. This means companies frequently neglect the UX of healthcare products. However, the demand for digital healthcare solutions such as telemedicine has increased dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has become much more commonplace.

What is healthcare UX?

I began by breaking down the users’ process of filling out the superbill into smaller steps. All Data Health, a company that collects medical billing information from physicians and sends it to insurers for payment, hired me to redesign its billing experience in late 2020. At the time, its physician clients were accustomed to filling out paper superbills—comprehensive forms that include diagnoses, procedures, and insurance claim codes.

medical ux design

For instance, chronic disease management and prevention platforms, such as eczema or sleep-wake disorders. These platforms deal with very serious conditions, therefore they need to be scientifically backed and have an experienced R&D (research and development) team on site. Similar AI algorithms assist with diagnostics and identify potential health risks before they become serious problems.

How UX takes on software design challenges even during the pandemic

For a diabetic, getting an inaccurate reading can be catastrophic, resulting in anything from severe hypoglycemia to diabetic coma or death. For instance, a poorly designed glucose meter had to be recalled because it led to patients misreading their glucose levels. Touching anything was a dangerous thread when the pandemic hit the world in 2020. There was a serious risk of touching any object as it may work as an invitation to deadly viruses. This was the time when voice user interfaces were safe to use because even without touching the devices it was working with full effectiveness.

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