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Quản lý chi nhánh

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Remote Office Management Solution


Get centralized control of the IT devices in your remote offices and branch offices (ROBO).

The proliferation of branch and remote offices is a positive sign of company growth. But it can also be a tremendous challenge for IT infrastructure management:

  • With limited or no dedicated IT staff, remote/branch offices often rely on headquarters-based IT administrators, or third party service providers, to fix networking and server problems
  • Branch office networks can have an array of heterogeneous IT devices from multiple vendors
  • Many branch offices, especially retail locations and banks, contain sensitive customer information and/or credit card data that can be vulnerable to intrusion

With hundreds, or potentially thousands, of IT assets spread out across the globe, a centralized infrastructure management solution with the proper safeguards to manage these devices is critical.

Raritan’s ROBO solution allows your data center staff tomanage all of your IT devices remotely.

Now you can remotely access, troubleshootand maintain tens, hundreds, even thousands of heterogeneous devices through a single infrastructure management interface. Our solution empowers you to:

  • Access and repair servers and networking equipment out-of-band from remote locations
  • Respond quickly to problems, even if the WAN is down or the OS is not available
  • Reboot equipment and monitor power conditions remotely
  • Centralize multiple operations into a single management device
  • Maintain and enhance the security of every IT device you manage

Flexible, cost-effective solutions for your data center and remote office/branch offices.

We offer a full range of devices to meet your needs, including infrastructure management appliances, KVM and serial switches and remote power control devices. So which combination is right for you?

Contact us today to learn more about:

Infrastructure Management

CommandCenter® Secure Gateway (CC-SG) offers you a single point of secure access and control of all technology platforms — in the data center and remote locations — at the application, operating system and BIOS level.

Remote Device Access and Control (KVM and Serial over IP)

Dominion KSX II lets you access, maintain and control all the devices in your remote offices with our combined KVM-over-IP and Serial Console Server solution.

Dominion KX II, our award-winning KVM switch, is the most dependable and secure KVM-over-IP switches in the market.

  • Ideal remote office models: 8-port, 16-port

Dominion KX II-101 V2 gives you the secure access and control of a full-featured KVM-over-IP switch in a single port, non-blocking, palm-size package.

Dominion SX is an enterprise-class Secure Console Server that offers one point of access and control for devices with a serial interface, such as networking gear, PDUs, and servers.

  • Ideal remote office models: 4-port, 8-port

Remote Power Management and Control

Power IQ™ automates secure power control and provides powerful analytics of active power level, energy consumption, customer costs, environmental readings, line capacities and carbon footprint in minutes.

Dominion® PX, Raritan’s intelligent power management solution, helps IT administrators improve uptime and staff productivity, save money and improve utilization of power resources.

  • Ideal remote office models: 8-outlet
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